Spray Tanning

Sunescape offers an incrediable natural looking tan using the best tanning system using the latest technology.

Using the exclusive Sunescape tan which is infused with hydrating avocado, macadamia nut, kiwi seed and coconut oils. This natural safe tanning agent DHA the spray is applied over the entire body giving an immediate natural looking tan, developing further over the next eight hours.

Remember the key to a fantastic looking tan is preperation, exfoliate regularly prior to coming in and moisturise. The day of your appointment have clean dry skin with no deoderant on or moisturisers and be up to date with your shaving and/or waxing.

Please do not shower for at least eight hours after your tan application. 

When you do shower, pat dry yourself with your towel and moisturise. Your tan will last up to ten days if you look after it.

Full Body- $59