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IPL Hair Reduction for all hair colours

IPL hair removal is a great option for permanent hair reduction.  IPL's unique design allows customised treatments according to the colour, texture and location of hair growth.  Any hair - black, brown, red, blonde, white and grey hair can be treated effectively with new patented technology from Adena.

Pulses of Intense Light penetrate the skin and heat the hair shaft and folicle which causes an effect on hair growth.  A series of treatments is required to effectively stop hair growth. Your IPL expert will advise the amount and frequency of treatments you require. Generally about 6 treatments every 4 to 6 weekly is required and then maintenance one top up treatment per year.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Breaks apart collagen and ellastin production to make it rebuild much healthier, resulting in a instant plumping in the skin, and does continue keep working over the next 48hours, fantastic for long term results to by slowing down the aging process. Great for clients that are really wanting to see change in there skin but are nervous about botox or fillers this is a great, natural alternative! No foreign toxins, no chemicals just your skin replicating its self at a much faster level!  Popular for a one off before a special occasion such as a wedding or school reunion but also as a coarse of treatments for amazing results is required! Need to be using a physical sunblock and for best results products your IPL technician suggests.

IPL Treatment for Pigmentation

Pigmentation, discoloration and sun spots can all be treated effectively with IPL providing you with the clear and even complexion and taking years of your skin. A course of treatments is required and excellent long term results are possible with a healthy lifestyle and specific products to target the pigment producing skin cells and of course the daily use of sunblock. Generally 3-5 treatments is needed.

IPL Treatment for Red Veins.

Redness, flushing and damaged or broken capilaries respond well to IPL Treatment.  Your therapist will consult with you to establish the best IPL treatment protocols and homecare products to help strengthen your capilaries and improve skin density.

IPL Pricing Dark Hair

Top Lip $65

Chin $72

Lip & Chin $122

Half Face $149

Nape of Neck $99

Underarms $99

Half Arm $159

Full Arm $199

Bikini $119

TummyTrail $79

French Bikini $149

Brazilian $199

1/2 Leg Lower $199

1/2 Leg Upper $229

Back Of Thighs $139

Full Leg $429

Mens Back $429

Shave $29

Consultation $29

IPL Pricing Light Hair

Top Lip $79

Chin $89

Lip & Chin $155

Half Face $179

Other areas price on application.  Expansion of the area guidelines will incur an extra charge.

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